Monday, May 18, 2009


Not me!
I planted this rose in the garden yesterday and just had to share it with you! David and I found it at the nursery on Friday and just had to give it a home on our patio.
It is a Florabunda called Hot Cocoa. The color is simply amazing----it is a chocolaty color that stands out amongst the crowd. I'm not one to usually be drawn to the reds and oranges in the garden but I fell in love with this one, it make s me happy.
It is a vigorous grower with excellent disease resistance so I look forward to many seasons with this beauty in my garden.

Have you planted anything new in your garden that makes you smile?
Happy Monday to you all!

PS.... thank you, thank you, thank to my friend Hope for the beautiful header. I love it!!


Anonymous said...

Kelli, That color rose would certainly perk up a Monday morning! Beautiful and am looking forward to seeing it in all it's glory when we come to visit. Happy Monday and happy week to you, too.

Anonymous said...

So pretty. Don't you just love spring, all the "newness" of everything. I'm so excited to plant things, still alittle cold here.

love you


Jen Kershner said...

Gorgeous Rose, Kelli! I love them but hate the beetles that come with them here!

Lovely new header too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful rose. I am a pink person, but that is a lovely color.
I have a new Hydrangea,my son gave it to me for Mothers Day. I didn't plant it yet.

Kristin said...

I love roses and yours is especially pretty!