Sunday, August 16, 2009


Cammy and Hope came over on Monday to do a little playing in my studio. We decided it would be fun to make wands. As you can see we made a mess, but I personally think it is a pretty mess.... a wonderful mess when you are creating something beautiful with good friends.

I was anxious to see how each wand turned out---how each person's personality and unique style came through. It's interesting, with a basic plan of making something, you can see everyones own take on the project.

Cammy's wand is beautiful---love her colors and use of an old piece of glorious wallpaper. Look at that vintage pompom trim---gotta love that!

Hope's is all about her up and coming, faster than she realizes wedding! Love her colors, use of old paper and that vintage square jewel!

.....And mine.
I used some wire ribbon I have had for years for the flower. It's funny how it may take that long to use a small bit of lace, ribbon or scrap of material that you have been saving---saving for the right project. It just goes to show---never throw those bits and scraps out!
It was an amazing day girls, as always! Thanks for making a "mess" with me!
And once again the time spent together passed by way to quickly, didn't it?

Until next time...........


gabrielle messina said...

All of them soooo beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I should have this kind of "mess" at my house! How beautifully creative you and your friends are, Kelli.
Your mom says "Hi!" She's so proud of you. She thinks they are all beautiful. I am not going to let her go home! -Chris

Paper Relics said...

can't wait until next time!

June said...

Kelli, These are so pretty. I can imagine you three having a blast making these.