Thursday, November 5, 2009


It has been one big whirlwind around here with preparations for Silver Bella, which by the way, is next week. Yikes! So excited!

One of the best parts so far, I have to say, has been the making of our aprons. Usually there is a theme during vendor night and this years theme is 100 aprons. YAY! Can you picture a room full of 185+ women in glorious aprons? Can't wait!

Dorothy Mae is wearing mine which is finally finished and ready to be packed carefully in my suitcase.

I had so much fun working on it, especially the day Hope and I met up and spent the day at Cammy's to all work on them together.
(Wait until you see theirs---beautiful)

I stitched snippets of fabric, ribbon, and felt. Added a pink velvet pocket, pom pom trim, buttons and lace. I used some lace that I have saved from my Nanny, a beautiful yellow button my mom brought back for me from England, and a big rhinestone button I found the day we all went flea marketing. All of us (Cammy, Hope, Gabrielle) picked one out together specifically for our aprons. We also pick one out for Jen, because she wasn't with us. Can't wait to see yours, Jen!

So, my apron is full of things that make me happy , and the fact that I was able to spend a day with two amazing people, working on them together, makes it even more special.

A memory to cherish forever!

Thanks girls!


cupcake studio said...

Your apron is just beautiful! This is the first year that I haven't attended Silver Bella and I'm sooo missing the excitement! Hope it's a lovely time for all of you.

Hope | Paper Relics said...

Oh, your apron looks wonderful!

And look at that photo with my hand and my WEDDING RING! I love it!


June said...

Oh Kelli, your apron is so beautiful! 185 talented women all in one place must be amazing. I hope you have a wonderful time.

cammy said...

It truly was a memorable of my favorites so far (i think...there are so many!). Love all of your new additions to your apron, especially the word Posies!!

Deb said...

Your apron is gorgeous Kelli! Love all the special little embellishments and the word Posies embroidered ♥ You will have so much fun at Silver Bella ~ looking forward to reading all about it when you return!

gabrielle said...

Kelli!!! Sooo beautiful! I can't wait to see it on you!!!

Anonymous said...

Your apron is so beautiful! I know how excited you are for Silver Bella...have a wondeful time! Take lots of pictures! Would love to see the 3 of you together in your aprons!

Halo Hill said...

To die for!! I can't wait to make it to Silver Bella one day! Don't you love Hope? I love your blog and I'm so glad I found it!