Saturday, December 5, 2009


This is what we woke up to this morning!
A perfect cozy day to play Christmas music and make soup!
Hope you are having a beautiful Saturday as well!


Hope | Paper Relics said...

We are nestled inside all warm and cozy here too. I love this snow - it is so fat and fluffy - looks so magical!
xo hope to see you soon!

melissa said...

I just love your snow person all dressed in pink!


Catherine said...

Your're glad to have snow for xmas! i hope we will see your xmas tree decorated! catherine

June said...

The first snow is always a sight to behold and yours is no exception.
I love the sweet little snowman...or is it woman?! Must be a girly girl!

Deb said...

The first snow is always the most magical ~ everything looks beautiful at your home. Love your skates hanging on the door. We put out my husband/sons skates and hang them on my childrens old sleigh ♥

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the snow will stay for Christmas! No problem here for has snowed for 2 days and it is soooo cold, so there will be no melting. I see a little Abby in the snow girl! :) So cute!