Friday, October 22, 2010


This beautiful Friday morning after the kids went off to school, I meandered down to my studio with my cup of coffee to play a little. I have been in love with this book, by this amazing person for awhile now (thanks Hope for telling me about her!)
Free motion machine embroidery has been one of many things I have been intrigued by for a long time. I had a go with it a few months ago---found it a bit frustrating with my newish Singer. I also have tried it with Miss Bessy Pearl---also a bit frustrating. She wasn't working with me, the threads kept bunching up and snapping. I think it may be a tension thing but who knows? Not me!
Anyhoo--this morning I had the urge to try it again with my Singer (I think it needs a name) and guess what? It actually works with a small bit of patience on my part. The only thing I cannot do (that the book suggests) is use a hoop--so I make do without, and it works okay. I definitely need ALOT more practice but I found it to be very fun and liberating! It's like drawing. Instead of a pencil you are using a needle and thread. Poppy points out in the book that it is okay to have imperfections and wobbly lines-- it gives your work charm, originality and authenticity.
I think I do have to agree.
Well, this is definitely a self portrait of me! Imperfect, and wobbly lines! But it is who I am, and I coming to grips with that. Goodness, it only has taken 40 years!
I am who I am!
So go ahead---embrace who you are---imperfections and all!!
Hoping you all have a lovely weekend.


Anonymous said...

I love all your wobbly lines!! And I embrace all my wobbly lines too!! lol.

Love and Miss you

Anonymous said...

You have always been perfect in my eyes! But I do love this "you". It just amazes me how you keep finding all these ways to be creative!