Thursday, November 4, 2010


Well, as promised, I'm back with part 2 of my studio peek. A whole slue of random shots taken around my favorite place in the entire house.
This is the table where I do most of my creating. If I'm not there, I'm on the floor. I'm not sure why I end up on the floor---I guess it is because I can really spread out and it is always comfortable for me.
The photo above is a detail of some things I keep on a silver tray on my table. All my essentials, white buttons, silver glass glitter, pencils, pens and a pretty cup full of erasers.
Below, is a glimpse of a journal I created in a class with Rebecca Sower while attending Silver Bella.
Here is the silver tray on my table.
Pretty ribbons hanging from hooks above baskets of lace, trims and doilies.

This is my old hutch full of goodies, Petunia Posies waiting for homes and my favorite saying when times are stressfull.
Below is the view I see when I walk down the stairs and turn the corner. It makes me smile every time. The chair you see, needs to be in my studio. It is the one from which I rocked all my babies, that chair has been through alot.
It is now a cozy place to stitch, doodle or look through all my books and magazines for inspiration.

A shelf where I stack all my fabric. I keep all my favorites on top, in site, while the messy stash of fabrics and felted sweaters are hidden behind a curtain below. I love how the pretty colors and textures look layered and stacked.
Another love of mine---vintage hankies. I never seem to walk out of a antique store without at least one or two. I use them for Petunies and Rosies.
My favorite tins rest on my hutch along with three little cupcakes I created.
I'm hoping to add similar ones to the shop soon.
This table, in the photo below, holds all my little bits and bobs. Old thread, vintage wallpaper, ALOT of buttons, vintage jewelry, beads and other tiny goodies.
A small glimpse of the many layers of magazines I have. I find the colors to be glorious!
I truly do try very hard to live by this everyday.
Have a beautiful day my friends.


Rebekka Seale said...

That is SO beautiful! I love LOVEEE the handkerchief curtains!!!

Kris Pare said...

Lovely space--The chair made me smile; I wish mine did fit in my little crafting space but alas its in my bedroom--memories and soothing rocking even with her at 3! Thank you for sharing-

Anonymous said...

~What a dreamy space~
It's no wonder your creative wheels are always spinning!
Maybe I need a remodel of my craft space to get back in the's been awhile! :)
Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping in to Rebel Blossom, your comments always make me smile :)

June said...

I love it Kelli! I love it all! I love that you spread out on the floor to create sometimes. I know sometimes it is better than the confines of a table. I can see you sitting there creating all sorts of awesome artwork.

Harvest Moon said...

How lucky you are to have such a beautiful studio to work in! I love how you hang up your ribbons and trim.

Krishana said...

This room is a true treasure! I cannot wait to get mine in order. It will be quite a few months yet, though. It was wonderful being inspired by yours in the meantime. I love the vintage hankie accents on your current panels! I am an avid collector and am always looking for new uses. Have a blessed weekend!

Gina Lee Kim said...

Hi Kelli, I just wanted to say what a beautiful blog! Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful!!! I LOVE hanging out with you in your awesome studio!!! :) Can't wait until January!!!

Anonymous said...

How lovely!