Tuesday, December 7, 2010


It has been awhile....

I hope all of you had a beautiful Thanksgiving and are enjoying this glorious time of the year, and remembering to slow down from the hustle and bustle to enjoy the small wonders this season brings.
I am trying really hard not to stress over all the things I think I need to do.
I'm enjoying my family and doing the little things together that matter. Such as, sitting down around the fire with a peppermint ice cream sundae topped with hot fudge, watching Polar Express.
With any luck, they will remember those little things and those little things will turn into BIG memories.

I have worked on a couple projects. I finished my advent calendar, (I will have photos soon) and made new stockings for everyone out of an old quilt with holes I have had for years.
The trees are up, the house is decorated (except for fresh greens--Its been so cold and windy I haven't wanted to go outside).
On the other hand, my shopping is NOT done. I'm sitting hear telling myself I'm not in panic mode......yet!

Now, on to some shop news.
I honestly have to apologize for neglecting my shop. I love my little shop and I love making the things for my shop. I have not been keeping up with everything like I intended. I'm not sure what happened---life with three kids keeps me on my toes--and I love it!
I regret that I don't have any new things for this winter season to add. For that, I am sorry.
I had great intentions and many an idea floating in my head. I guess they will have to float there a little longer and wait until next year.
In the meantime, I am excited to share festive news! It is my little gift to you, for stopping by and visiting me. Thank you, I truly appreciate every single one of you.
So starting Friday, December 10th, I will be having a WINTER SALE!!!

EVERYTHING will be 30% off! The entire shop! Just in time for a little last minute holiday shopping.
Maybe a petunia for your sister? A Rosie for your daughter? Or perhaps a Posie Pocket full of tiny treats for your Mom? There is a little something for everyone, so come take a peek!

Sale will be ending Friday, December, 17th.


Anonymous said...

My, what a beautiful daughter I have! I LOVE this picture! The memories you are making with the kids are the most important things you could be doing! Believe me, they will remember those special times much more than they will ever remember the gifts! Hopefully, you and your brother do. :) I'm proud of you, Honey!

Denni said...

I feel your pain...I was stressing too but after two good shopping days I feel much better. You're half done anyway, having the decorating done is half the battle. Enjoy your movies and ice cream, there is always internet shopping!

Krishana said...

You have such a lovely, hand-crafted blog banner. I love it!

You are so right. It often is the seemingly little things that make the biggest impact and end up becoming our most treasured memories. Peppermint sundae's, huh? I just may need to try that! Sounds delish!