Sunday, January 23, 2011


I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. It is very chilly here Maryland and I'm enjoying my Sunday by hanging out next to the warm fireplace.
We had the pleasure of enjoying a late breakfast of homemade croissants fresh out of the oven.
Made by no other than my better half!

David has had a love for making bread for a couple years now. I love the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven. It has been a learning experience for David and not all bread has turned out. But of course, the baker is always his worst critic. He is a happy guy when he can serve up hot fresh bread with dinner.

I love to watch him in the kitchen--he looks happy and he truly enjoys the whole process from the leavening to the kneading to the rising. But the best part is watching that perfect loaf come out of the oven and knowing that his own hands created it.

I found this book at Williams & Sonoma and knew it would be the perfect Christmas gift for David. It is a beautiful book with gorgeous photos and step by step instructions to bake bread just like Tartine.
Since Christmas this is just one example of the many loaves he has baked.
The photo below is what the inside of his croissants looked like this morning. This particular one has a dark chocolate center. YUM
A girl can get use to this!
I'm expecting ooey gooey cinnamon raisin bread for my birthday.
Can't wait. My mouth is watering already.


Anonymous said...

The loaf of bread pictured here was AWESOME! I was visiting when David made this. It was picture perfect and was as delicious as it looks! It is always such a treat to sample one of his creations! (Next time I come, could we have croissants???) :) Keep creating, David!

Anonymous said...

Ok...I expect croissants the next time you and the family come to visit. David should just bring the book with and he could make something different everyday you are here!!! Love and Miss you