Wednesday, June 8, 2011


My good pal Hope, is doing it again. She is offering another amazing art journaling e-course.

I'm so lucky to be able to see Hope's journals in person when we get together. I love her journals. They have a simple, fun, yet elegance to them. I love how she uses very few supplies and how she always carries them with her wherever she goes. I love that when the three of us get together, Hope will pull out her journal and favorite pen---doodle or letter while we chit chat. And no matter where we go, whether it's lunch, out for coffee or exploring a new shop, she always gathers a napkin, business card, or tag to tape in, or slide into a secret pocket.

If you find a bit of free time, grab a cold drink, a comfy chair and take a peek at Hope's journals. They are simply amazing.

Check out her new e-course. If you sign up before the course starts(June 20, 2011), you'll receive a very fun free gift. ( I have one--and it's one of my favorites)

Also, if you sign up before the course ends (July, 31, 2011), you will be entered to win this Memoir Keeper made by me. My Moleskine cahier cover (includes the notebook) is made with vintage a new materials.

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