Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Welcome to my little corner of the world. Well, I finally took the plunge into blogland! You wouldn't believe what it took to get me here. I am the worst at making decisions, so this has been quite a journey. First decision---should I start a blog? Yes! That only took a few months. The next decision---Blogger or Typepad? This choice only took about 3 weeks. Then, it was time to sign up, but I kept dragging my feet because I had to decide on a title. Oh my, that was huge! Then, I had to choose a template, background colors, fonts, etc. Oh, the agony! So that was decided in a matter of a few days. Which lands me here, with my first photo (I couldn't sleep at night, deciding on that one). And gosh, I am so glad to be finally joining in the ranks with all the women who inspire me most! So, I hope you come back to visit me, because I think I'm here to stay! (I better be after how long it took me to get here!) I have many things to share, sneak peeks of my studio, my family, my everyday life and my up and coming online shop, Posies on Parade!

BTW, you think this is indecisive? You should see me in a restaurant, when it is time to order---it takes me forever!!!


Jen Kershner said...

Welcome to the land of bloggers Kelli! I'm so happy you finally made it here. That picture is gorgeous. I hope one day I'll get to see your space in person. Hugs, Jen

Anonymous said...

I Love It!!! It is fantastic!!
GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!Chloe

Anonymous said...

Mom,i can not believe this!!!i wish you good luck!!!kisses&butterflys,abby

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, you did it!!! I am so proud of you, Honey. The picture is beautiful and the words amazing. I'm so happy you finally made it onto blogland. Way to go, my girl!!!
With Love,

cammyk said...

Welcome my sweet friend!!! I can't wait to see what beautiful and exciting things you have in store for us.
I LOVE the fairy perched atop your welcome sign. You know you can't move it to your front door now....it's just too perfect on your studio door.


NY2TX said...


I remember when you were a little girl running around the house with your brothers. You have become a lovely woman with a wonderful gift to give to the world.
I know your mom is real proud of you, too.


Jennifer Paganelli said...

Kelli the hard part is over!!!!! Yay
and a great choice for a photo that welcomes all...now that's cozy!!! We're glad you are here...

Andrea Singarella said...

Welcome to Blogland, Kelli! So happy you're here! I know you'll enjoy the ride, and can't wait to see all of the pretty, inspiring things you share with us!!!
xoxox andrea

Anonymous said...

Love love the fairy. Cant wait to see more!!

love you

sandy l said...


Your blog is lovely. I am so looking forward to reading more. And the pictures are beautiful. But the last time I saw you, I only counted three children! Who did I miss?

Anonymous said...
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