Tuesday, March 17, 2009


We are all looking so forward to Spring's arrival! I noticed the daffodils popping up in the garden and the buds start to form on the trees in the yard. I'm anxious to plant pansies and ready to spruce up the garden. I love it when the pink crabapples are in full bloom and the grass turns green. Everything feels fresh and nature is renewed again! It will be here soon, very soon. I can feel it! Can you?
Have a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

Hey you!!

I feel Spring quickly approaching
also. I love visiting your page.
Beautiful pictures, from a Very talented Artist!!! I am so proud of you.
I love you so much!!

Jen Kershner said...

Flowering crabapples and peonies are the highlight of my spring. Emma and I went on our morning garden walk before catching the bus this morning and found our daffodils budding. Such excitement!

gracie said...

As I type this I am listening to the birds chirping outside my window and peeking at my daffodils that are just about ready to bloom. Yes, it will be here very soon.

Anonymous said...

NOT fair, lol!!! We had a few days of spring "like" weather up here in the great north, but it is back to winter. I CAN NOT wait for spring and the warm sun and smell of warm dirt (the farmgirl in me). Miss you