Friday, June 5, 2009


I was thinking about my garden this morning and how it makes me feel. Everyone has their own personal thoughts on how their own garden makes them feel inside.
Ours doesn't have a specific style, we didn't follow any rules--we just planted things.
Alot of it was out of necessity, because we moved into new construction, so there wasn't any trees, bushes or even grass.
It also is a work in progress. Things, alot of things need to be done or fixed. I want to add a vegetable garden and more of the flowers I love. Plants need to be relocated, beds need to be filled in, the list goes on.
But, every time I step outside my back door and find my favorite patio chair, I smile. I smile because the birds are there chirping away, the water is flowing gently in our fountain and the bees are busy, buzzing their way to each open rose. It is extra glorious when I find a ladybug on a daisy!

I find peace in my garden. MY garden, where the flowers are mismatched and where the trees are planted too close together---but it is my garden, with my roses, my pansies, my daisies, my little piece of Heaven right outside my back door.
I love it because it is mine.

I hope you all find a little peace and tranquility in your own gardens, whether it is large or small, formal or informal. Even a few containers of your favorite flowers is considered a garden in my book. It doesn't matter if you have one rose or twenty, as long as it brings a little smile to your face!

Happy Friday my friends!

PS, We will be leaving Monday to visit our families and the mountains in Colorado. I'll be back on the 16th of June. I'll be posting something new that week!


Jenny Fowler said...

Hi Kelli! I love the project pictured. Enjoy your garden and your vacation! Where is you family in Colorado again? Have they heard of Rifle, CO? hehehe.

Deb said...

Your garden sounds heavenly Kelli & your garden journal is absolutely gorgeous!!
Have a fabulous time away :-)

Debby said...

The garden sounds perfect and your journal is fabulous. Have fun with your family!

Paper Relics said...

Have a safe trip - but hurry back, I will miss you!

Anonymous said...

I loved what you created, Honey...and the words are beautiful! You are MY garden...beautiful in every way...because you are MINE!
With love and pride, Mom
See you soon!

June said...

I enjoyed this lovely post. I feel the same way about my garden. What joy it brings to me. I'm glad I stumbled onto your blog, your artwork is so beautiful.