Thursday, June 18, 2009


We are back......and what a time we had!!
We had a wonderful time visiting with all of our family. It was so good to see everyone, and spend some quality time together. We had many laughs and made many memories.

We also endured the wrath of nature! We are talking funnel clouds, snow and an assortment of wildlife!
One day, we took Abby to pick up a few things at a bakery and found out we were under a tornado warning! Standing outside the bakery, we spotted at least two funnel clouds over head. David, being the weather buff that he is, was just beside himself watching the clouds churn and swirl. Now, Abby caught the weather bug and was just as excited. Me.....I was happy INSIDE the bakery picking out a cake!

We were able to spend one day exploring the mountains and spied this beautiful elk grazing in a meadow. Such a majestic animal in an equally majestic setting! We also saw a moose, but it was too far away to get a good picture. (I don't think you want to get too close to a moose)
We traveled through Rocky Mountain National Park along Trail Ridge Road. (It is hard to believe such beauty was right in our "back yard" when we lived there.)

As you can see, there is still ALOT of snow and it was quite cold. Very invigorating!! Chloe doesn't look very happy--she would much rather be basking in the hot sun a little closer to sea level!

Abby was soaking up every minute of everything she was seeing and couldn't believe it was snowing---IN JUNE!!!
Jacob was happy with whatever we did, as long as there was food to eat along the way!

Every time I travel that road, it is always awe inspiring. When I am there, I feel like I am on top of the world and all I have to do is reach to the sky and touch the beginning of heaven.
I highly recommend a trip there if you ever get to Colorado!

We ended our stay in Colorado at David's sister's house. They have a family of snakes living in their yard. Of course, Chloe being the wildlife fanatic that she is, thought it would be great fun to catch one! She looked like an old pro---she was able to catch more than one---"Steve Irwin Style", and stayed very calm in the process!
Me.....not so much! David.....even more, not so much! But, not to be out done by a ten year old, we thought "lets face our fear of these slithery beasts!"
Yes, I do have photos to prove this. I'll share those lovely pictures next time!
It is good to be home!


Paper Relics said...

yayayay! You are home! Sounds like an amazing vacttion.

Cannot wait to see you next week!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures, Honey!!! Just as wonderful as it was to have you here. We miss you all very much and can not wait to see you again!!

Deb said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful family vacation!

Gram said...

Heard about the snakes and what a wonderful time had by all. It was great having you here and hope it happens sooner than every two years. What wonderful pictures.
Love, Judy

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelli! Remember you "old" neighbors on Cty. Rd. C? So glad your mom told us about your blog. It is our first blog!! :) Congrats on such a beautiful site. We will continue to tuned in!
Julie B.

Anonymous said...
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