Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I have a new and final (no more postponing, I pinkie swear) opening day for Posies on Parade!
October 19th, 11:00am eastern time.

I'm frantically taking pictures of all the things I have made and uploading them. It is very time consuming but I am enjoying the process very much.

I am still hoping to have more time to make more things, I have tons of ideas in my head. If they aren't done for opening day, then they will be added soon there after.

This has been a long time coming. I have always had a dream to do something like this, to be able to make things and share them with whoever falls in love with them.
I have had a lot of encouragement along the way to coax me out of my shell. David is my number one supporter, the one always by my side who has pushed me along through every step. My kids are always telling me "I can do it!" Cammy, and all her sweet words and listening to all my doubts, and Hope, where would I be without all her amazing ability to design my web page and logo, and for all her advice?
My parents have always encouraged me to reach for my dreams and not be afraid.
Each and everyone of them inspire me everyday and I love them!

So this is it! The big day is approaching quickly, and I must go and get back to work!
The 19th will be here before I know it!


Jen Kershner said...

Kelli- I'm so completely excited for you. Following your dreams is such a wonderful thing and you have such an amazing talent. Go get 'em girl!

cammy said...

Yea!!! It's official. I am so excited for you my dear, sweet friend!

Deb said...

How exciting!! Love the Posies on Parade name & your sweet card ♥

Lisa said...

Kelli-I haven't visited your blog for awhile...but, I am awe of your creativity. I cannot wait to see what your shop has in store! Hope to see you again at Silver Bella!

gabrielle said...

Yay! No more postponing! I am so happy for you! xoxo

cupcake studio said...

Can't wait to see your new shop! Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

YEA!!!!! The day is finally here and we are so excited for you, Honey. YOU CAN DO THIS...with your talent and imagination there will be no stopping you now! We are so proud of you!
With our love and all our best wishes,
Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...