Monday, October 26, 2009


Thought I would share some of my pumpkins around the house. I keep meaning to get outside and take some Autumn photos, but every time I have some time, it is a gloomy rainy day.
Although today it is a gorgeous day, so I will be sharing outside photos later.

I have to start out this fine Monday morning by thanking all who have left such sweet comments and all who have visited my shop. This has been quite a journey so far, and as long as I have this desire to create, and what I make, makes people smile, I will be on this journey for awhile.

Okay--back to the pumpkins. The one in the photo above was a find one day while I was out with Abby. How can you pass up a PINK pumpkin? Love it (and so does a certain little girl who loves pink)

This beauty is sitting in an old iron stone wash basin on my coffee table.

Love love love the color.

These two sit on my favorite table in the entryway of my house. I'm a sucker for white pumpkins and every shade in between!
All the orange pumpkins are outside. We picked those up yesterday with the kids. We usually get to the pumpkin patch to pick our own, but this year we were short on time. We picked up a bushel of apples and our pumpkins from our favorite farmers market yesterday. And I took a few photos of the kids which I will share later this week.
In the mean time, I'm off to work downstairs in my studio. I have an order to pack, Silver Bella swaps, an apron to work on and posie pockets to create!
Good thing I'll be busy this week, my girls left this morning for outdoor school. They will be gone until Thursday! Doesn't that seem like such a long time? I miss them already!(sigh)
Hope you all have a beautiful Fall Monday!


Hope | Paper Relics said...

I love white pumpkings too - I have not gotten any yet - need to do that this week,

Anonymous said...

Honey, I love your pumpkins...the colors are awesome and your house always looks so beautiful... in any season! I will be thinking of the girls. Can't wait to hear about their adventures.

June said...

Kelli your pumpkins are all so beautiful and I love how you have all different colors of them.

cammy said...

Love your fall decorating, Kelli. Don't be surprised if you find that pink pumpkin missing after our visit next week! Is that the ironstone bowl you just recently bought?