Saturday, August 7, 2010


I wanted to share with you some of the beauty we were able to experience while on holiday in California.
Bountiful had amazing window displays.

On our walk to Shabby Chic, Cammy spied a great little coffee place where we all experience our first french macaron and where I had the best cappucino ever! And the almond croissant---YUM!!

Shabby chic was everything I imagined it would be!
I"m in love will all the soft pastel colors.

French General was the highlight of the trip. It was beyond amazing---in fact---I think I could live in that little shop.

We spent many hours here just taking it all in.

Wish we could have stayed longer.
Our holiday was one we will cherish forever. The three of us created a bond that will last a lifetime.
Now---where will we go next year, girls?


Anonymous said...

What wonderful places you went and such gorgeous things you saw! I would have to divide my living time between Shabby Chic aand French General!!! :) The 3 of you are so lucky to have each other!
Mom xoxo

sister sheri said...

Looks so lovely! I'll have to see if there is anything like a French General in Portland.

Romeo said...

Oh my whiskers are curling tight as clock springs...Bountiful, French General AND food that is beautiful?!?! Oh dear me...."she" would have thought she'd died and gone to heaven!!!

Just wanted you to know you made "her" day by sharing these pictures! Gotta run now...."she" is wanting to look at the pictures again ;)


Romeo and "her"

Mitzi Curi said...

French General looks like my idea of heaven! I love their website, so of course their store would be even better.....someday, I hope to visit. Thanks for the lovely and inspiring photos!