Thursday, August 26, 2010


Make room for French macarons!

While on holiday in California, we had the opportunity to stop at Paulette, a wonderful little bakery dedicated to French macarons. That's all they bake--just macarons!
I have always wanted to try these beautiful, petite confections. And I have to say, walking into the shop was like walking into a candy store for a little kid.

The gorgeous colors of the macarons all in a row, side by side, just made me grin from ear to ear.

For me, It was very hard to choose what flavors to bring home to my family. Flavors such as chocolate, pistachio, coconut, caramel, rasberry, passion fruit, vanilla, earl grey, rose, violet...
Oh my!!! The stress of it all! How does an indecisive girl decide???

She doesn't.
She brings home one of each. And multiples of favorite flavors!
Just look at all of them lined up in the box. And they taste as beautiful as they look. They have a subtle crunch with the first bite, but then, they have a delicateness in both texture and flavor. Not too sweet---just lovely!

Looking forward to my next French macaron experience.
A new favorite treat indeed!
as much as I love this sweet petite cookie, my truest love still, will always be a cupcake!
Have you ever tasted a French macaron? Which would you choose?


Anonymous said...

The "new look" is awesome!!! Love the sampler! Is there any place near you that we can get French Macaroons? YUMMY!!!

Sea Witch said...

You had me at cupcake and then you took me at macaroons. I grew up with these delicious treats as a child growing up in New Jersey. My mother taught me early on to always have a delectable macaroon with a cup of hot tea or coffee. Hard to find freshly made in the south, but I have found a lovely little French Bakery that has them so I will induldge myself in this tastly little treat every few months. Really enjoyed this post. Sea Witch

sister sheri said...

Wow! Too funny, but I was at Elephant's Delicatessen in Portland last night and saw beautiful macaroons just like these. There were too many choices... of course, Anthony had the beautiful chocolate-y ding-dong cake and I had the lemon bar... and a peanut butter cookie. (which was actually two peanut butter cookies with peanut butter inside!)

Anonymous said...

YUM! I love the new look. Miss you.

Torie Jayne said...

Love this post, macarons are the best! I am off to Paris soon and can't wait to stop by Laudree, Have a sweet day!

Catherine said...

love the colors! reminds me of Ladurée

Anonymous said...

I've never tried a french macaroon....your post makes my mouth water :)