Thursday, September 16, 2010


There is something reassuring and comforting about a cup of coffee (or 2--or 3) in the morning.
You never know, at my house, what the morning will bring, a grumpy tween who didn't get enough sleep, a husband unexpectantly called into work, or a little guy running late for the bus because he doddled through his bowl of honey nut cheerios for too long.
But the one thing that is always there, is my cup of coffee. Yes, cups themselves vary, (I have many favorites) but the aroma and that first heavenly sip makes everything feel alright, even just for the moment. This is especially true when the love of my life is home and we share one together. It is the the one constant thing in the morning that I can count on---day in and day out.
So, here's to you, my cup of joy, thanks for always being there.

Have a beautiful day my friends.


Anonymous said...

I SO agree...the morning comfort to always look forward to! And...especially nice when shared with my daughter!

Anonymous said...

Mornings are always a treat here as well...and although I have a tea, or two or's the same precious feeling. The warmth keeps me going all day until they get home from school.