Friday, July 31, 2009


A couple weeks ago Jacob lit a fire under Chloe by telling her she didn't know how to cook! (typical brother thing to do, right?) Well, that is all it took for Chloe to take on the challenge to prove him wrong!

So, I told her she could bake banana bread all by herself with no help from me! I was in the kitchen "just in case" but she did everything on her own! She measured, mashed, folded, prepped the pan and tossed it in the oven, ALL BY HERSELF! And guess what? Chloe's banana bread turned out better than any I have made, and I have made many a banana bread! It was light, moist and oh so yummy!

Then---Miss Abby spied Chloe in the kitchen and caught the baking bug, and decided to bake her OWN cupcakes (of course)! And again, there I was, hanging out in the kitchen, but no need for help from me, she had it ALL handled, ALL by herself! And let me tell you----those vanilla cupcakes with pink butter cream frosting were quite delicious! Decadent, really!

So---is this a sign that my girls are growing up? (insert sigh) They are growing more independent by the day! Can a Mom be more proud? I hope they always have a love for baking----so far so good! I remember baking in the kitchen with my mom and baking all on my own. I have to thank you Mom, for giving me those special memories so I can share the same things with my girls.

I still look forward to baking with my Mom in the kitchen. Every year at Christmas time, my mom comes to visit, and the four of us bake my Nana's gingersnap cookies! Yum, can't wait!

To me, there is nothing like whipping up a batch of cookies, quick bread, or cake! Although, I'm not sure if I will be making the banana bread anymore, I think Chloe has a new job!
And Abby, you know me, I'm always up for a cupcake!

BRAVO girls! Looking forward to the next treats!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


A couple weeks ago, I piled the kids in the car and we trekked to the antique stores to do a little treasure hunting. The kids actually have a pretty good time when we go. They all have things that they enjoy looking for. Jacob likes old comics, baseball cards and old toys. Chloe likes to look for marbles, anything that gives her a good laugh and she helps me look for the things I'm after. Abby loves old books, porcelain dolls, hankies, and pretty much anything small and beautiful.

Well, on this particular outing, I was on a mission for hankies (I'll explain why in a later post). But of course, I came home with more than that! I'm not complaining, mind you! I found some great bargains! The suitcase is huge and in beautiful shape for only $10! The old glass jar full of seam binding, $12 and the English marmalade jar, $8, just to give a few examples.
When I brought my goodies home and laid it all out on the table, I also found some color inspiration.
I think there are two sides of me. One half is drawn to the soft, muted, aged colors such as in the above photo. I can just picture a fairy in those shades, can't you?

The the other half of me loves bright, saturated colors in all combinations! I love how the blue, orange, and peach look together. What a great idea for a Posie Pocket! I love how colors come together without even planning it----it just happens! Then, my brain gets so full of ideas, I either need to write it all down real fast, or get busy in my studio real fast!

Speaking of studio........
After many weeks of decision making and procrastination, I have moved my studio to a different part of the basement. I've been busy, busy, busy, painting, moving furniture, reorganizing, and decorating.
It is still a work in progress, with a few more things I need to add, and a couple things to hang, but for the most part it is ready for me to create!
I love it so much! I cannot believe I have such a space to call my own. I feel so fortunate! Looking forward to many creative projects and many late nights getting ready for the opening of Posies on Parade!
Thank you David for all your help, and spoiling me so much!! Thank you Chloe, Abby and Jacob for being so patient while I worked! I love you all!

I'll be posting more photos of my new studio soon, so stay tuned!
Have a beautiful day, my friends!

Monday, July 6, 2009


A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of spending a hot summer day with my good friends Cammy and Hope and met up with a new friend, Gabrielle. We all trekked up to Pennsylvania to do a little treasure hunting. By the looks of the back of Cammy's car, I'd say we were pretty successful!
Here is a sampling of the loot I brought home! I'm so excited about everything I found, especially the rhinestone buttons. You should have seen the four of us sifting through hundreds of button cards! We were like kids in a candy shop! We all found a special sparkly button to add to our Silver Bella aprons that we are going to make!

I think the best find of the day, was this box of buttons that Cammy and I split. The sweet lady who was selling them, said it was $1 a bag or $30 for the entire box! How could you not take the WHOLE box for that price? When I brought the box home, I actually counted how many bags we had! A whopping 284! And that was after Gabrielle took some home!
We will have plenty of buttons to play with for a long long time!
All in all, it was a great day made better by great friends---looking forward to the next adventure!
Thanks for the fun fun day girls!