Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I know I said I would be taking a break for a couple of weeks, but, I couldn't let such a special day go by without sharing.
Sunday, my little Abigail turned 10. I can hardly believe how fast she is growing up. (sigh)

We started the day going out for breakfast and then Abby wanted to spend the day walking around historic Ellicott City. But, before that, we took a little detour to the mall (courtesy of Dad) to get those two girls their ears pierced. (see their little ears!) They had no idea until we were driving there! Abby was nervous at first, Chloe was not, and both were very excited. Now they can't wait to pick out their first pair of earrings.
Both Chloe and Abby have been asking for awhile to get their ears pierced, so we figured we couldn't have picked a better day!

I think it is so great that Abby still loves American Girl! Rebecca is the new friend to add to her collection.

Abby asked for a tea party with cupcakes. Our tea was a glorious sweet strawberry milk which was a perfect compliment to the chocolate cupcakes. (aqua cream cheese frosting with pink polka dots was a must)

She was so excited when she opened her gift from Chloe! Look at that smile!

Abby, I hope you had a great birthday and that all your wishes you wished for come true!

Monday, September 21, 2009

My Mom and Dad just left for home in Colorado after visiting here for a week. I cherished every minute of my time with them and it was so sad to see them leave. I miss you both already and look forward to the next time.
Mom, thank you for making me the beautiful wreath, it is perfect on the front door.

I will be taking a little break from blogging for a couple weeks. Yesterday, we received the very sad news that David's mom suddenly passed away. My heart aches for David, his dad and his sisters. We will be spending the rest of the week in Colorado to be with family and my main priority is helping David through this hard time, and giving my kids extra hugs.

I have been thinking that I may need to postpone the opening of Posies on Parade. Not for too long. I think mid October will be a better time.

I'll be back soon, my friends.
I'm going to go hug someone I love.

Friday, September 11, 2009


A few weeks ago, before school started, we took the kids to Georgetown for a night of fun.
It was all spurred on when Cammy told me about her favorite place to get cupcakes. So we hopped in the car, and ventured there to try something new.
I'm embarrassed to say, we have lived here five years and have not been to Georgetown. Oh sure, David and I got lost one day and ended up driving there, by chance, on a school day, trying to do some Christmas shopping at the mall! But, I don't think that counts.
Anyway, we found this AMAZING pizza place where everyone decided to be silly. Of course, it seems like every time I take a picture of Jacob, he is eating. He is a growing boy, who sure loves his good eats. Can't you tell he is enjoying that mouthful?

Abby and her Daddy--don't they look alike! Love it!!

Who are these two goofs, and what was in that pizza that caused this? They definitely were having way too much fun! I think they knew what was about to happen next.

With full tummy's (but not too full--not when you know the treats in store next), we walked up the street. Which by the way, was full of glorious shopping. We just didn't have time, we had to get to the cupcakes before they closed their doors for the night!
We found the quaint little shop, with the line to get in, trailing out the door! When it was our turn to order, we couldn't decide which to get, so of course we HAD to try them all! Just had too! It was a must! How do you know what to get next time, unless you do, right?
Oh man, we were not disappointed! AMAZING!!

How perfect do they look in the box---all the colors and textures. I can't decide which I like best. It's a toss up between the chocolate with ganache or the coconut. Coconut, definitley! Oh wait maybe the vanilla with chocolate frosing! See what I mean?
Well, luckily we'll be going back soon---TWICE! Next week, when my parents come to visit and at the end of the month, for Abby's birthday! How about that? One can't have too many cupcakes! It should be a rule!
All in all, it was a very fun night, that all of us will remember for a while! Can't wait to go again! Next time we'll save some time for shopping--I spied a Paper Source, which I have never been in before!
Thanks for the tip Cammy!!