Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I hope you are all finding a little happy Spring in your day, today.

Monday, March 22, 2010


I sat down this morning to work on my spring sampler, between loads of laundry. A few weeks ago, I signed up for Teresa McFayden's freestyle embroidery e-zine. For a while now, I have been working on a couple of samplers. Stitching on one and then stitching on the other--kinda going back and forth, depending on my mood. Needless to say, both are not finished. But, this particular sampler, I have been working on exclusively, since I signed up for the class. I am enjoying it very much.

Anyway---As I was laying it all out on the floor, my little furry buddy, Chester strolled over for a visit. He was such a happy kitty and purring so loudly. He decided to just plop himself down on top of my stitching, thinking it looked like a cozy spot. Or---maybe he was thinking, "No, you aren't working on this, you are going to pet and love me instead." Well, he was right. I did not work on my sampler, I sat and loved my Chester cat instead!

But, I do have some photos of my work in progress to share with you.

I'm adding fun little bits and pieces as I go along. I am using a few of the elements that were included with the e-zine, but mostly I'm doing my own thing.

Here is a fun little vignette using basic stitches, such as the back stitch, running stitch and the satin stitch. I have included beads, pearls, a velvet flower and scraps of fabric and lace. a garden of posies---Kelli style!
I love using scraps of fabric to stitch on before I add it to the base piece. It adds texture. Here, I used alot of french knots, the lazy daisy stitch and the word bloom was done with the back stitch.
I try to find time on most days to do a little something on my sampler. Somedays, I have time to do more involved things and some days just a few stitches here and there. I find it very relaxing and very fulfilling. Just a little creative something to make me happy.
Hope you all find a little creative something to make yourself happy this week.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I have been wanting to do a couple projects for a really long time. I kept putting it off. I'm not sure why, really, they were super easy, once I did them. But, this weekend seemed to be the perfect time to just do it, since David was called into work and it has been so gloomy and rainy.
A while back my mom and dad went to London and surprised me with a goodie bag from Cath Kidston. It was full of fun fabric and the most beautiful oilcloth. I have known what I wanted to do with it all ever since they gave it to me--a pillow for my studio and a tote made from the oilcloth. I have made pillows before, but I have never made a slipcover for one. Come to find out, it is really easy peasy and it only took me less than a half an hour. (What took me so long to do it?)

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
Here is the back of the pillow.

And here it is, in it's new home in my studio.

The second project was the tote. I have never sewn one before and I didn't have a pattern to go by. But, I do have to say, this one is very basic and simple and anyone can do it! I definitely see my little mistakes but, once again, I'm happy with how it turned out and I'm so glad I finally finished it.
Now, the next time I go to the bookstore, I'll have a stylish tote to carry my new books and "glossies" home.
Thanks Mom and Dad for all the fabric---I love it so much!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Quite a few weeks ago I signed up for Mary Ann Moss' Remains of the Day on-line journaling class. I have been wanting to share my cover with you, but have been waiting to find a chance to sew in a pocket that I meant to do while I was working on the cover but forgot to add. A couple of nights ago, I stole a few minutes and hand stitched the pocket in.
So here it is.

I am very glad that I signed up, It has been so fun working on my cover and the few pages I have finished and I have learned quite a bit. The problem is for me, has been, finding the time to work on my inside pages.
I did enjoy gathering all the different scraps of vintage fabric for the cover and sewing it together with bits of seam binding and pom pom trim. The tie is a length of velvet ribbon wrapped around an old clip earring.

This is the back of the journal.

And this is the journal opened.

This is the inside cover with my crooked little pocket! But I guess it just adds to the imperfect charm. I don't mind it so much.

This is the first of my inside pages. I used a card from Papaya , with paper lace, a scrap of old wallpaper and a tag that Hope made for my Christmas present.
Soon, when I finish my inside pages, I will share those with you too!

Monday, March 8, 2010


I have been busy in my studio creating a few things to kick off the Spring season.

This is just the beginning......

I have more ideas up my sleeve.
But for now, come see what is new in the shop. Two new posie pockets and a cheery garland will be available here and here tomorrow (Tuesday, March 9) at noon (eastern standard time)!