Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have been wanting to share peeks of my studio with all of you for the longest time. I have been putting it off. I admit it, I'm a procrastinator. It's not because I haven't wanted to share, it's just that it seems like my studio is always kinda messy. This past weekend I did a little rearranging of furniture and a little sprucing up. I love changing things up here and there, every once and awhile. Do you like to do that too? I think change is good. It lets you see your things in a whole new light. I moved a bed down to my studio from a spare bedroom. I think it gives my space a cozy feel. I still need to add lots of pillows, to give it that day bed feel. It will be a great place to curl up with glossies, do a little stitching or even take a nap.
The moving of the bed, resulted in me having to move other pieces as well. I had to relocate my desk and inspiration board.

These two photos are close ups of some of my favorite things on my board.
Pictures of family and friends, buttons, inspiring rooms, and fun little trinkets. Anything that is special to me or I find inspires my imagination, ends up on my board.

I'm thinking a REALLY over sized inspiration board with a beautiful old frame would be quite nice some day.

These little pretties are sitting on a petite little shelf above my desk.

A very special thimble given to me by a very special person.

A Petunia Posie to make me smile every day.

Pretty dishes to hold some of my favorite trinkets, buttons, and bits.

I love tarnished silver, mother of pearl buckles, frozen Charlottes, and vintage rhinestone buttons. Eye candy!

Pencils, markers, favorite tape and business cards---all in pretty containers.

In this photo you can see a glimpse of the bed I moved downstairs. Which, by the way was quite funny, because I decided to do it when David was at work. So, I moved it all myself, with the help from my girls. I'm sure it was quite a sight to see us move a queen size mattress without handles. You get the picture, right?

Pretty mercury glass in a jar on my side board.

I love old spools of thread. Especially in yummy, gorgeous colors such as these...

and these.

Well, that is all I have for now. You'll have to return and visit me again to see the rest of my studio.
I promise, will be back soon---very soon!
Until then, have a lovely day my friends.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


There is something reassuring and comforting about a cup of coffee (or 2--or 3) in the morning.
You never know, at my house, what the morning will bring, a grumpy tween who didn't get enough sleep, a husband unexpectantly called into work, or a little guy running late for the bus because he doddled through his bowl of honey nut cheerios for too long.
But the one thing that is always there, is my cup of coffee. Yes, cups themselves vary, (I have many favorites) but the aroma and that first heavenly sip makes everything feel alright, even just for the moment. This is especially true when the love of my life is home and we share one together. It is the the one constant thing in the morning that I can count on---day in and day out.
So, here's to you, my cup of joy, thanks for always being there.

Have a beautiful day my friends.