Saturday, February 26, 2011


Hello everyone. I hope your Saturday is a beautiful one.

I wanted to show you a project that I finished last night. Last Thursday, Hope and Cammy came over for a bit of crafting and a little lunch. I love it when they both come over and hang out in my studio, I hope they have as much fun as I do. Hope brought a journal cover to work on. It looks amazing--all in Hope's beautiful style. I'm in love with all of Hope's journals---she is a true inspiration.
I started to stitch a spring sampler but then I saw Cammy pull out all her beautiful jewelry bobs. I just had to follow suit. We both bought a bracelet kit from French General while attending Silver Bella in 2009. We have been wanting to make it together for a while, but for one reason or another, we haven't gotten to it yet. She decided to convert hers to a necklace and I loved the idea so much, I did it too. We added our own bits and decided against others that were included in the kit. Basically, winging it with what we had on hand. It is so great to be able to craft together, to bounce ideas off of each other. Unfortunately, we did not have time to finish the necklaces together. Cammy took hers home and finished that same night. I finished mine last night and fairly pleased with how it turned out. I'm anxious to see Cammy's, and see the similarities and differences between the two.

I think my favorite part is the beautiful smokey grey, double sided bauble on the end.

I really love all the colors and how the work together. Thanks girls, for a most terrific day together. Lets do it again soon!
Now, today I'm working on these from here....

In these colors.
Stayed tuned :)

Friday, February 11, 2011


I'm here to introduce an exciting addition to my studio? I am so excited about Miss Maybelle, my new, old 1948 singer featherweight. She is a birthday present from my Favorite Guy.

Last week we were browsing around Old Lucketts Store and in a little room on the third floor, there she was---waiting, along with her attachments and little black case, newly refurbished in all her glory. It was love at first sight. David said "lets get it". My lips said "no", but apparently my eyes said "Okay". Sadly, we walked out of the store that day, leaving Maybelle behind . But two days later, David drove all the way back to Lucketts, before he went to work, and brought her home. And let me tell you, I'm so glad he did!
She runs beautifully and I have been happy as can be, sewing goodies when I have a free minute---or free hour.
No need to worry about Miss Bessy Pearl. She is still loved, is still living in the studio and is still stitching up a storm. Both machines have their personalities, each running a little different. Just like my kids!

I look forward to the many years of creating with Miss Maybelle---she is the perfect "accessory" for Posies On Parade!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Hello Monday--the the beginning of a brand new week!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

I finished a scarf with some of the yarn I picked up from Purl Soho. I am really happy with how it turned out. I never have a pattern I go by--I just start crocheting. The entire scarf is done in a double crochet with thick bright raspberry ruffly ends and chunky flowers.

It is a happy scarf- a splash of color, to brighten the dreariest of winter days .