Sunday, June 12, 2011


Just look at this lovely bouquet of yummy colors. Summer inspired threads to add to my new summer project.

All of these goodies (which make me giddy everytime I look at them) will be used in my Summer project, inspired by this very creative person. I will be working on a quilt. Something of an heirloom to hopefully pass on to my kids someday. I will be hand stitching, free embroidery with the help of Miss Mabelle, adding pretty little bits and bobs of fabric, doilies, hankies and dresser scarves all on a base of pillow cases sewn together. I have already started with the little horse you see in the photo. Abby sketched her famous horse in her own little Abby style and I stitched it into a palomino (her favorite kind of horse). Then I snipped small circles from a favorite dress of hers when she was little, and stitched them around the doily. The doily will then be sewn onto the quilt wherever it may suit my fancy at the time.

I have many ideas floating in my head---things I would like to add to the quilt. Maybe a few favorite quotes or stitchings to remember special family events or moments. Kinda like a memoir of our family that we can wrap around ourselves and snuggle with.

I'm guessing it might take me a little longer than the summer. But, this is one project I really want to see to the end. Sometimes I start something with good intentions then life gets so busy and my good intentions get pushed to the back burner.

My very good friend, Cammy, is going to do one as well. We made a deal to keep each other in line and stitch together. Now that it is summer, it is something we can both make time for.

I'm REALLY looking forward to it.

Can't wait to dig in and get stitching.

What summer projects are you working on?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


My good pal Hope, is doing it again. She is offering another amazing art journaling e-course.

I'm so lucky to be able to see Hope's journals in person when we get together. I love her journals. They have a simple, fun, yet elegance to them. I love how she uses very few supplies and how she always carries them with her wherever she goes. I love that when the three of us get together, Hope will pull out her journal and favorite pen---doodle or letter while we chit chat. And no matter where we go, whether it's lunch, out for coffee or exploring a new shop, she always gathers a napkin, business card, or tag to tape in, or slide into a secret pocket.

If you find a bit of free time, grab a cold drink, a comfy chair and take a peek at Hope's journals. They are simply amazing.

Check out her new e-course. If you sign up before the course starts(June 20, 2011), you'll receive a very fun free gift. ( I have one--and it's one of my favorites)

Also, if you sign up before the course ends (July, 31, 2011), you will be entered to win this Memoir Keeper made by me. My Moleskine cahier cover (includes the notebook) is made with vintage a new materials.