Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas spent with the ones you love most.

My days are being spent in, staying cosy in my new pj's and slippers, reading with a cup of tea, playing games with the kids and reading some more.
I will be returning after the first of the year, but the shop remains open and I have decided to leave everything on sale. It is my plan to clear alot of the things out that I have made this past year, to make room for new creations. I always have so many ideas floating in my head. I'm looking forward to 2011 and keeping my shop full with new goodies to share with you.
until then....
Wishing you all a very happy and safe new year ahead. I have a feeling it will be a good one.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Just in time for last minute gifts!
30% off everything in the shop with priority shipping.
Come take a peek.
Sale ends Friday night!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


It has been awhile....

I hope all of you had a beautiful Thanksgiving and are enjoying this glorious time of the year, and remembering to slow down from the hustle and bustle to enjoy the small wonders this season brings.
I am trying really hard not to stress over all the things I think I need to do.
I'm enjoying my family and doing the little things together that matter. Such as, sitting down around the fire with a peppermint ice cream sundae topped with hot fudge, watching Polar Express.
With any luck, they will remember those little things and those little things will turn into BIG memories.

I have worked on a couple projects. I finished my advent calendar, (I will have photos soon) and made new stockings for everyone out of an old quilt with holes I have had for years.
The trees are up, the house is decorated (except for fresh greens--Its been so cold and windy I haven't wanted to go outside).
On the other hand, my shopping is NOT done. I'm sitting hear telling myself I'm not in panic mode......yet!

Now, on to some shop news.
I honestly have to apologize for neglecting my shop. I love my little shop and I love making the things for my shop. I have not been keeping up with everything like I intended. I'm not sure what happened---life with three kids keeps me on my toes--and I love it!
I regret that I don't have any new things for this winter season to add. For that, I am sorry.
I had great intentions and many an idea floating in my head. I guess they will have to float there a little longer and wait until next year.
In the meantime, I am excited to share festive news! It is my little gift to you, for stopping by and visiting me. Thank you, I truly appreciate every single one of you.
So starting Friday, December 10th, I will be having a WINTER SALE!!!

EVERYTHING will be 30% off! The entire shop! Just in time for a little last minute holiday shopping.
Maybe a petunia for your sister? A Rosie for your daughter? Or perhaps a Posie Pocket full of tiny treats for your Mom? There is a little something for everyone, so come take a peek!

Sale will be ending Friday, December, 17th.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I am so thankful for my family and friends and for all the joy and love you bring into my life.
I love you all.
Wishing you lovely holiday

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hello everyone, I haven't been a very good blogger lately and for that, I'm truly sorry.
I do have good reasons though. I've been busy busy busy, making these cute little egg cosies for our Thanksgiving morning breakfast while we are...

here. (can't wait!)

I also have been working on this little project. An Advent calendar which of course needs to be done by the first of December. I'm finished with number 13. Only 12 more to go!

Sitting on my desk, is this little project. I cannot wait to start this beautiful necklace from here.

In my living room I have this wooden carrier full of yarn so I can crochet while I watch TV.
If I'm not doing something with my hands at night, when I curl up on the couch, I will fall asleep immediately. (even if it is only 8:30pm)
Along side the yarn, you will see a glimpse of a couple wool hats I have made for myself. Sorry to say, I am not brave enough to actually model them on my head for you to see.

In the studio, these little Petunias are waiting to be finished and added to the shop for the holidays.
I'm also experimenting with the idea of adding houses to the shop, similar to these.
They are my first attempt. I think I have some work to do. Lots of ideas floating around in my head.
And one last little tidbit before I go...
Have a look at this beauty from 1926!
She has a story all her own, which will have to wait for another time. Besides, she needs a proper introduction, as soon as I name her and get her running smoothly.
But until then, I have many things on my to do list to get ready for our Thanksgiving holiday at the beach!
I'll be back soon!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Well, as promised, I'm back with part 2 of my studio peek. A whole slue of random shots taken around my favorite place in the entire house.
This is the table where I do most of my creating. If I'm not there, I'm on the floor. I'm not sure why I end up on the floor---I guess it is because I can really spread out and it is always comfortable for me.
The photo above is a detail of some things I keep on a silver tray on my table. All my essentials, white buttons, silver glass glitter, pencils, pens and a pretty cup full of erasers.
Below, is a glimpse of a journal I created in a class with Rebecca Sower while attending Silver Bella.
Here is the silver tray on my table.
Pretty ribbons hanging from hooks above baskets of lace, trims and doilies.

This is my old hutch full of goodies, Petunia Posies waiting for homes and my favorite saying when times are stressfull.
Below is the view I see when I walk down the stairs and turn the corner. It makes me smile every time. The chair you see, needs to be in my studio. It is the one from which I rocked all my babies, that chair has been through alot.
It is now a cozy place to stitch, doodle or look through all my books and magazines for inspiration.

A shelf where I stack all my fabric. I keep all my favorites on top, in site, while the messy stash of fabrics and felted sweaters are hidden behind a curtain below. I love how the pretty colors and textures look layered and stacked.
Another love of mine---vintage hankies. I never seem to walk out of a antique store without at least one or two. I use them for Petunies and Rosies.
My favorite tins rest on my hutch along with three little cupcakes I created.
I'm hoping to add similar ones to the shop soon.
This table, in the photo below, holds all my little bits and bobs. Old thread, vintage wallpaper, ALOT of buttons, vintage jewelry, beads and other tiny goodies.
A small glimpse of the many layers of magazines I have. I find the colors to be glorious!
I truly do try very hard to live by this everyday.
Have a beautiful day my friends.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


This glorious time of the year is, by far, my favorite. The warm vibrant colors, the crisp air, the crunch of a tart apple, cozy sweaters, warm drinks, a hearty soup simmering on the stove and caramels in a ironstone bowl on my kitchen counter.
Yep---whats not to love? For me, Autumn passes by way too quickly. I wish it would slow down so I can enjoy it longer.
I wish for more time...
to take more walks and feel the crunch of the leaves under my feet. To have more fires in our outdoor hearth on the patio to roast more marshmallows. Could I have more time to stand under the trees and have the leaves fall around me? A little longer to hear more laughter as the kids chase each other with arm loads of leaves?
Magic. Pure magic.

Soon, the color will be gone and the hustle and bustle of the holidays will begin.

But, for now, I will relish in the beauty of what every golden day brings to me...

in my garden...
my little corner of the world.

I hope you are all enjoying what this time of the year has to offer.

It is glorious indeed!

Friday, October 22, 2010


This beautiful Friday morning after the kids went off to school, I meandered down to my studio with my cup of coffee to play a little. I have been in love with this book, by this amazing person for awhile now (thanks Hope for telling me about her!)
Free motion machine embroidery has been one of many things I have been intrigued by for a long time. I had a go with it a few months ago---found it a bit frustrating with my newish Singer. I also have tried it with Miss Bessy Pearl---also a bit frustrating. She wasn't working with me, the threads kept bunching up and snapping. I think it may be a tension thing but who knows? Not me!
Anyhoo--this morning I had the urge to try it again with my Singer (I think it needs a name) and guess what? It actually works with a small bit of patience on my part. The only thing I cannot do (that the book suggests) is use a hoop--so I make do without, and it works okay. I definitely need ALOT more practice but I found it to be very fun and liberating! It's like drawing. Instead of a pencil you are using a needle and thread. Poppy points out in the book that it is okay to have imperfections and wobbly lines-- it gives your work charm, originality and authenticity.
I think I do have to agree.
Well, this is definitely a self portrait of me! Imperfect, and wobbly lines! But it is who I am, and I coming to grips with that. Goodness, it only has taken 40 years!
I am who I am!
So go ahead---embrace who you are---imperfections and all!!
Hoping you all have a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Mark your Calendars!
Tuesday is the day you can meet seven new friends of mine! I have had such a great time creating them and they truly make me smile. I hope they make you smile too.

Stop by here to see all the Petunia Posies! They will be in the shop Tuesday, October 12 at noon EST.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have been wanting to share peeks of my studio with all of you for the longest time. I have been putting it off. I admit it, I'm a procrastinator. It's not because I haven't wanted to share, it's just that it seems like my studio is always kinda messy. This past weekend I did a little rearranging of furniture and a little sprucing up. I love changing things up here and there, every once and awhile. Do you like to do that too? I think change is good. It lets you see your things in a whole new light. I moved a bed down to my studio from a spare bedroom. I think it gives my space a cozy feel. I still need to add lots of pillows, to give it that day bed feel. It will be a great place to curl up with glossies, do a little stitching or even take a nap.
The moving of the bed, resulted in me having to move other pieces as well. I had to relocate my desk and inspiration board.

These two photos are close ups of some of my favorite things on my board.
Pictures of family and friends, buttons, inspiring rooms, and fun little trinkets. Anything that is special to me or I find inspires my imagination, ends up on my board.

I'm thinking a REALLY over sized inspiration board with a beautiful old frame would be quite nice some day.

These little pretties are sitting on a petite little shelf above my desk.

A very special thimble given to me by a very special person.

A Petunia Posie to make me smile every day.

Pretty dishes to hold some of my favorite trinkets, buttons, and bits.

I love tarnished silver, mother of pearl buckles, frozen Charlottes, and vintage rhinestone buttons. Eye candy!

Pencils, markers, favorite tape and business cards---all in pretty containers.

In this photo you can see a glimpse of the bed I moved downstairs. Which, by the way was quite funny, because I decided to do it when David was at work. So, I moved it all myself, with the help from my girls. I'm sure it was quite a sight to see us move a queen size mattress without handles. You get the picture, right?

Pretty mercury glass in a jar on my side board.

I love old spools of thread. Especially in yummy, gorgeous colors such as these...

and these.

Well, that is all I have for now. You'll have to return and visit me again to see the rest of my studio.
I promise, will be back soon---very soon!
Until then, have a lovely day my friends.