Monday, January 31, 2011


Hello everyone. Happy Monday!
I have a quick shop update to share with you. I just added this new garland I made last week.
Just in time for Valentine's Day!

I love the neutral, soft colors of the cream, white and pink, which makes it perfect for the whole year.
The letters are made from vintage materials and I have added bits of vintage lace, trim, mother of pearl buttons, a couple trinkets and random stitches.
Here are a couple up close photos of the details. Be sure to click on the picture to see it even larger. (please let me know if it works for you)

The photo above was uploaded to blogger, rotated the wrong way. I tried several times to get it right, but it wasn't cooperating. I apologize for the weird angle of the pearls.
A garland perfect for someone you love or perhaps a treat for yourself?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Happy Wednesday to everyone.
To our surprise we woke up to a snow storm and the kids are home. No school!!! So we plan on a cozy day at home making cookies, reading , watching a movie, and for me, a day of crocheting.

Before I serve up hot chocolate, I wanted to share with you, the goodies I found on our recent trip to NYC. David and I did a "couples" trip with my sweet friend and her husband.
We spent the weekend exploring SoHo. I loved everything about it and can't wait to go back. My most favorite place, besides all the food stops, was Purl Soho. It is definitely a Kelli store. It's full of beautiful fabrics, yummy yarns, stitching supplies, felts and so much more. If you are ever visit NYC you'll have to check it out.

Just look at that tray of goodness. Isn't it delicious? I have scarves planned and lots of stitching to do with my new threads.
I love the yarn you see in the photo below. I found it when we stopped in for a second time, just before it was time to catch the train home. It is thick and full of little bits of sparkel, threads and tiny flowers.

I love it! I think it will become a pillow! I can't wait to dig into that!

Have a beautiful day my friends.

**A quick side note---I just realized that you can click on the photos and see it bigger. The yarn looks great! Try it!
I've tried before but it never worked. It does now! How did that happen?

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. It is very chilly here Maryland and I'm enjoying my Sunday by hanging out next to the warm fireplace.
We had the pleasure of enjoying a late breakfast of homemade croissants fresh out of the oven.
Made by no other than my better half!

David has had a love for making bread for a couple years now. I love the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven. It has been a learning experience for David and not all bread has turned out. But of course, the baker is always his worst critic. He is a happy guy when he can serve up hot fresh bread with dinner.

I love to watch him in the kitchen--he looks happy and he truly enjoys the whole process from the leavening to the kneading to the rising. But the best part is watching that perfect loaf come out of the oven and knowing that his own hands created it.

I found this book at Williams & Sonoma and knew it would be the perfect Christmas gift for David. It is a beautiful book with gorgeous photos and step by step instructions to bake bread just like Tartine.
Since Christmas this is just one example of the many loaves he has baked.
The photo below is what the inside of his croissants looked like this morning. This particular one has a dark chocolate center. YUM
A girl can get use to this!
I'm expecting ooey gooey cinnamon raisin bread for my birthday.
Can't wait. My mouth is watering already.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hello Friends. Can you believe it is 2011? Time does fly. I'm hoping the first month of the new year has been a good one for all of you. There is just a couple of weeks left in January and its soon time to think about Valentine's Day. Love, hearts, and chocolate!

I'm looking forward to a fulfilling, creative year ahead. January has been quite busy with friends and family and haven't had much time to work in the studio. I'm definitely not complaining though. I love spending time with the kids, on warm, cozy afternoons hiding from the winter cold, soaking in every moment spent with my mom, enjoying lunch for two with the love of my life, and a fantastic trip NYC with amazing friends.

I'm not one for New Year resolutions, although I do have certain goals and desires I would like to see done in 2011. There is a running list in my head of all the things I want to do, but will not bore you with that list.
My biggest wish though, is to share with you, each idea and project I manage to accomplish, throughout the year.

I'm anxious to get back in my studio and start creating again. I woke up the other morning with many ideas floating in my head. This happens to me quite often. I either go to bed dreaming of fresh creative ideas or awake in the morning-- my brain swarming with new ideas to stitch. There are many sketchbooks floating around the house, but of course, I always forget to keep one by my bed.
Just the other morning, I awoke with thoughts of new garlands and I jumped out of bed and quickly sketched my visions before they were lost with the many other ideas that have plummeted into the depths of the black whole in my brain.

Now, I'm itching to sneak some time in the studio downstairs---ready to see my visions come to life.

Have a lovely day.