Sunday, December 20, 2009


Saturday it snowed and snowed and snowed!

Loved every minute of it!
We did a little sledding, but most of the day was spent inside cozy and warm, watching the beauty outside the window... baking Christmas cookies....

and drinking tea by the fire.

Hope your weekend was just as lovely!


Hope | Paper Relics said...

wasn't it wonderful being all cozi inside our snowed in homes?! xo!

Looks so pretty in your photo!!

cammy said...

It was the absolute best, wasn't it? Your Russian tean cookies look yummy!! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

June said...

It definitely was not as lovely as this. What beauty lies beyond your door Kelli. that sounds like a blast!

Anonymous said...

Honey, What a beautiful sight outside your windows. How we love those cozy days...those were always your favorite times when you were a little girl. too!

miss lynn said...

kelli, just
hung my
#23 matchbox
on my happy
little tree!!!
so beautiful!
i love it!
thanks for
sharing your
talents with
happy day,
and merry