Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I srtolled down to my mailbox today, just like any other ordinary day, thinking about what will await me inside that black, metal box. Bills, junk mail, various catalogs--nothing too exciting.
But, look what I found inside, on this fine September day, among the bills and pizza flyers! I was giddy with delight!
My very own copy of Dottie Angel's new book, the second in the Suitcase Series from Uppercase.
I couldn't get inside my door fast enough, to see and touch it in person---I have been anticipating it's arrival for the longest time.

The cover and the back are very tactile with thread and fabric. LOVE!

And look at the goodies that were included if you pre-ordered the book. Vintage buttons, thread, a beautiful fabric scrap, a doily bit and the sweetest little postcard.


And then....I opened it. The smell---that wonderful book smell---do you know what I'm talking about?

Then, I flipped through the pages ever so briefly just to take a tiny peek.


and LOVE some more.

I cannot wait to sit down in my favorite chair with a cup of tea and savor each and every page, for Dottie Angel has been a true inspiration to me for a long long time.

It truly is a beautiful book, one to cherish forever. A perfect souvenir for Kelli to keep in a special spot in her studio.

Congrats to Uppercase and to Tif Fussel for creating such a Peachy Book!

I will be back very soon to share photos of my various Summer projects.


June said...

Oh this looks like a book I have to get. I love the florals on the pages. I would, wouldn't I. lol!

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